A Sense of Wonder Studio

Original Photography and Fabric Merge to Become Beautifully Functional Art for You and Your Home
“It all starts with my photography.  My subjects alternate between natural and vintage treasures.  I get a feeling about each of them; that thing that makes you stop and say, “Oh!”  That’s when I know I must spend some time with it until I feel I’ve captured with my camera that magical sense of wonder.  Once the images are complete, I have them transformed into fabric, out of which I create a variety of functional items like tote bags, clutches, coasters, pillows, and more.  All of which can be found both online and in my shop in The Shirt Factory.  It is my sincere hope that incorporating my work into your life will inspire you to hold on to your sense of wonder.”
Jessica L. Rogers Landry
Phone: (707) 363-1277
Address (In The Shirt Factory): 71 Lawrence St, Suite 118D, Glens Falls, NY 12801