Chippin’ Dale

Chippin’ Dale is a wood artist who applies chip carving to a variety of decorative and functional wood pieces. Think of chip carving as “picnic table graffiti with style” cutting designs and lettering into wood surfaces wherever you want (or can get away with): Clocks, Plates, Boxes, Game Boards, Signboards, Coasters, … Chip carving is done 100% by hand with a scalpel-like knife. It is generally done on Basswood and Butternut. Harder woods can be done, but the depths of cut are more limited.

Chippin’ Dale does chip carvings for fun, family, friends, and charities he supports. He keeps a few items at LARAC, and he does commissioned pieces on-request. Check out the photos in the website linked below to see a sampling of Dale’s work. If you’d like to discuss a commission piece, please drop him a line.