Conard Holton

Using the language of shape and color, I’m seeking a sensual visual beauty that expresses contact between humans and the rest of nature—in both farmland and wilderness. I grew up in the pre-sprawl, verdant farm country of southeastern Pennsylvania and spent many hours in the fields, woods, and barns. The contours of the land and the light where I live now–in the Hudson Valley and the Adirondacks–are very different. But in the 30 years that I’ve lived here I’ve always felt at home.

I’ve had a career as a technology writer and editor before retiring to focus solely on my landscape painting, with art studies at the University of Pennsylvania and the Aegean School of Fine Arts, and with artists including John Parks, Olive Ayhens, Elizabeth O’Reilly, John MacDonald, and Deborah Bayly. In addition, I participate in many local and regional plein air and exhibition events, and have my paintings available online and through the Martinez Gallery in Troy, NY.



Location: Brunswick, NY