Dawn Judkins

My name is Dawn Judkins and I like to say I am a budding artist at 61 years old. In the early 90’s I started painting in a Decorative Painting format. As I was raising 3 children, this was a very doable form of art work. Craft paint was very cheap and garage sales offered plenty of bounty for just a few dollars. I incorporated this art form with a new venture belly casting, in 2001. In 2014, I enrolled in a local college to work towards an art degree. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree with concentration in oils. While attending Empire State College I won second place in a Student Art Competition in 2015 and was published in the journal Metropolitan Review in the Fall 2016 issue. I paint out of my home studio where I teach beginning oil painting classes. My belly casts are done at The Adirondack Salt Cave on 11 Broad St., Glens Falls. I dabble with old master’s palettes but mostly I paint contemporary still life. My subjects usually contain some form of glass as I find it most interesting how light bends and moves through it’s reflection.