Gary Zack

The foundation of Gary Zack’s artistic interests can be distilled down to his love of color.  In the early days of his stained glass work, masterful use of color was central in his designs.  From sparse, contemporary, Mondrian-style compositions to lush, figurative installations, color always took center stage.  His love of color led him to hot glass, which allowed him to blend colors in ways that flat, cold glass techniques could not.


Zack’s current work with acrylics presents yet another opportunity for Zack to compose pieces rich with contrasts of light and dark, texture, pattern and mood.  From small color studies to larger compositions, Zack’s paintings offer yet another opportunity for lovers of color to explore and enjoy.

18 Bolster Lane, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

INSTAGRAM: garyzack1950

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June 2, 2022