StarflowerStudioNY: Flora, Fauna and Landscape Photography.

Drew Monthie

My work is digital photography, both black & white and color. I photograph plants, animals, landscapes and ecosystems. Some of the landscapes I photograph include the built environment. I began taking photos with my parent’s polaroid in the 1970s and then got a Minolta film camera during high school. Once digital cameras appeared on the scene in the 1990’s, I switched from film and never looked back. Plants are my lifelong passion and the focus of my education, work, teaching and art, but I am also fascinated by birds, insects, mammals and fungi. For each organism I photograph, I know or will learn its life history, the niche in the ecosystem it occupies, and the biotic interactions that are part of its existence. We can learn a lot from observing plants, plant communities and the organisms that they support. As more species and ecosystems come under pressure from anthropogenic activity, it is crucial that we record them for history and to help raise awareness to preserve them for future generations.

Biography: I am fortunate to live and have grown up here in the Adirondack region, surrounded by amazing natural beauty. I have worked with, grown and taught about plants for over 4 decades, earning 3 degrees in the plant sciences. You can view my work at my studio in the Shirt Factory (G09), at various exhibits such as the North Country Arts Gallery in the Shirt Factory and on my websites: and

71 Lawrence Street, Suite 09

Glens Falls, NY 12801