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Annual June Arts Festival & Winter Arts Festival

LARAC Annual June Arts Festival

Saturday and Sunday, JUNE 17 & JUNE 18, 2023

The Arts Festival is free and open to the public
10a-5p on Saturday & 10a-4p on Sunday
City Park, Glens Falls NY

LARAC’s Annual June Arts Festival is one of the premier summer events in the southern Adirondack Region, drawing crowds of over 15,000 each year. The Festival features 130 exhibitors offering shoppers a variety of products such as jewelry, home items, food items, fine art, textiles, garden decorations, etc. This event takes place rain or shine, located in beautiful Downtown Glens Falls’ City Park. The festival also includes not for profit booths, food concessions, and live entertainment by local musicians.

All fine artists and artisans with no geographic or membership restrictions are invited to apply for booth space by juried entry. All work must be of original design, handcrafted by the artist. Reproductions of original work must involve handwork or direct supervision by the artist. Embellished items, objects made from commercial kits, and imported or manufactured goods are not applicable. For more information, contact Festival Coordinator, Phil Casabona,, 518-798-1144 ext.2

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Winter Arts Festival


The Queensbury Hotel, Glens Falls NY

Our well established, holiday shopping Winter Arts Festival is a juried arts show featuring local and regional artisans making handmade unique products such as pottery, fiber, jewelry, culinary items, wood, photography, plus much more. For more information, contact LARAC Director, Phil Casabona,, 518-798-1144 ext.2



Festival Policies

Our Policies

The LARAC Festival Policies and Guidelines are strictly enforced. Click below to see the festival policies.

Non-Compliance with Policies and Rules

Any exhibitor found to be in violation of LARAC Festival Policies or Rules will be asked to immediately make necessary adjustments. If this is not done, the exhibitor will be asked to leave the show without refund of fees and may be barred from participation on future shows at the discretion of the Special Events Committee.

Cancellation Policy, Artist on Site, Standards

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations after the final cancellation date, whether cancelled by the vendor, or by LARAC in the event of booth non-payment, do not receive any refund of any kind.SPRING Booth Final Cancellation Date: MAY 9, 2018FALL Booth Final Cancellation Date: OCTOBER 3, 2018
If an exhibitor is absent from a show without notifying LARAC of an emergency, a refund will not be made and the exhibitor loses eligibility for the next year’s show
Tax Identification Required on Application
All exhibitors must have a New York State Sales Tax number clearly visible in their booth and collect 7% NYS Sales Tax. For a vendor application, contact NYS Dept of Taxation & Finance–Sales Tax Unit, WA Harriman Campus, Albany, NY 12227-0155; calls within NYS: 800-225-5829; calls outside NYS: 518-485-6800. Or log onto

Artist on Site

LARAC requires the artist/craftsperson who actually created the work to be on site at all festivals. No agents, dealers, or representatives may attend in place of the artist. Photo ID may be required to assure compliance with this policy. Commercial studios involved in volume production are not eligible for participation.


1. All work displayed for sale must be of the artist’s original design and handcrafted/executed by the artist/exhibitor.
2. Work should demonstrate skill and mastery of the medium.
3. Traditional crafts should be historically accurate and well executed.
4. Reproductions of original work must involve hand work or direct supervision by the artist.

Eligibility, Jurying, Applying Late


The LARAC Festivals are open to all artists and craftspeople with no geographic or membership restrictions.


Jurying for both the June and Fall festivals is done by panels of experts from each category who see only exhibitors’ CDs. LARAC staff will sit in with jurors and provide additional information from the application.

Only one category may be selected by an artist or craftsperson per application.
Jurying is blind and the identity of jurors will not be known outside the Special Events Committee.
Jurying as to quality of work is done based on the photos on the CD’s submitted by the applicant. (Quality of the photos and accuracy in representation of the work is the responsibility of the applicant.)
Work presented for jurying must represent at least 80 percent of the work to be displayed and/or sold at the Festival

Late Application Fee

Applications placed and received AFTER the Postmark deadline will be assessed an additional $15 handling fee.

Not acceptable

The following are NOT ACCEPTABLE:

  • Direct Buy/Resell items
  • Imported or manufactured goods
  • Decoupage on commercially manufactured items
  • Embellished items (must be entirely handmade)
  • Objects from commercial kits, molds, or patterns
  • No plain flat table displays; tiers/shelves are required on tables
  • Non-screened Work
  • Art or craft not included in the original jurying and is brought to the show must be of the same caliber and quality as the work that was juried. LARAC reserves the right to remove any work not consistent with the juried work.
  • Exhibitors attempting to sell items not juried in will be asked to remove the items.
  • Exhibitors who do not comply will be asked to break down and leave the show.
Application Process, Selection of Exhibitors, Spouse Teams, Inquiries

Application Process

1. Only those applications that are complete and have application fees with them will be processed.
2. Incomplete applications will only delay your processing time during which your category may fill up.
3. Signature of the applicant is required on application as proof the applicant is aware of LARAC Festival Policies and Rules and will abide by them.
4. CD’s or photos submitted with application for jurying must clearly represent 80 percent of the work the applicant will display and must be no more than two (2) years old.
5. Information as to the status of applications or who is accepted to which shows will not be given out prior to notices in the mail.
6. Questions about the applications should be directed to the Festival Coordinator who can be reached at the LARAC offices (518-798-1144, ext. 2

Selection of Exhibitors

• Selection of exhibitors is based on the combination score of (a) originality (b) craftsmanship (c) compatibility with the show.
• The number of accepted applicants from each category will be determined through a formula based on the number of applicants to each category, quality of work, and balance of the show by category.

‘Spouse’ Teams

If a team have separate crafts and wish to share a booth, they may do so ONLY under these provisions:
1. Each must submit an application and application fee.
2. Each will be juried separately and only upon each being accepted will they be allowed to share a booth.

Inquiries from Exhibitors

All information about applications, sites, etc. will be addressed to the Festival Coordinator.

Booth Sizes, Booth Fees

Booth Sizes

June Festival: (width x depth) 10 x 10 and 20 x 10 feet. Booth fees are based on different sizes. They are reviewed annually and historically increase every three years.
Fall Festival: 10 x 10 Booth (Tarps, Tents, Sidewalk Display Framework)– The exhibitor’s entire booth and exhibit must fit within the booth site measurements. If the exhibitor plans to use a tarp, tent or any type of structure, all supports for that structure must fit within the site area. Total display area must be within the allocated booth site size. Exhibition of work should not cause traffic problems that will infringe on neighboring exhibitors (i.e., side displays which cause customers to step into the neighbor’s area.)

Booth Fees

Are set by the Special Events Committee with the approval of the Board of Directors.
Booth fees must be post marked not later than the date noted in acceptance letter or hand delivered to the LARAC office not later than the close of business on that date. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS

All exhibitors must clearly display their booth numbers given to them in a packet at the show.
All exhibitors must wear the LARAC Festival ID Pin given to them in the packet at the show.
All exhibitors must have a NYS Sales Tax number clearly visible in their booth and collect 7 % NYS Sales
Tax. For a vendor application, contact NYS Dept of Taxation & Finance–Sales Tax Unit, WA Harriman Campus, Albany, NY 12227-0155; calls within NYS: 800-225-5829; calls outside NYS: 518-485-6800 or log onto

Alcohol and Drugs, Pets, Common Courtesy and Respect

Alcohol and Drugs



Animals are NOT recommended at the outdoor June LARAC Festival. Pets are PROHIBITED at the indoor Fall Festival at the Dome.

Common Courtesy and Respect

LARAC will deal honestly and courteously with exhibitors. It is expected that exhibitors will also deal honestly and courteously with LARAC personnel, other exhibitors and with the public attending. Any use of obscene language and/or abusive behavior will cause the exhibitor to be removed from the show and may limit his/her ability to attend future shows for which they may have all ready be accepted. Abusive and nuisance behavior may also result in non-consideration of future applications.

Parking, Food, Breakdown and Departure


Exhibitors will be notified about the parking situation at a later date.


Most food concessions are operated by non-profit Member Groups of LARAC. Any exceptions are at the sole discretion of LARAC and will not include a competitive food item of that which is offered by any non-profit group.

Breakdown And Departure From Festivals

All exhibitors are required to remain at their booths, with booths intact, until the advertised time of the shows’ closings (For the June Festival, breakdown is 5 pm on Sunday; for the Falls Festival, breakdown is 4 pm on Sun.) Exhibitors will make themselves available and leave their merchandise on view for sale until the close of the show.